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Service and modernization

Company Resim has supplied control systems for about 150 glass forming machines which have been permanently operated for years; besides of that we deliveries control systems of electronic pushers, cold ends and other mechanisms for tens of other glass works.


Service of supplied equipment and control systems


Since we permanently develop and improve our products, our control systems presently supplied by us have new possibilities and functions. Besides of delivering new control systems, we can also offer modernization of existing systems. By this you will obtain, with reasonable costs, possibilities of modern systems. There is possibility to modernize systems produced even by other suppliers.


Upgrade of control systems of electronic pushers from version APO7 to APO9


Modernization of drives control 

Modernization of stackers



RESIM - Nádražní 1062

511 01 Turnov, CZ

tel.: +420 481 319 450

fax.: +420 481 319 469




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