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Industrial automation

Besides of glass industry, Company Resim also supplies equipment for number of other branches, such as automotive industry, electrical industry, handling technology, nanostructures processing and so on. The company provides not only development of hardware and software but also manufacturing, assembling, service and technical support. Company Resim also keeps at disposition Mechanical Design Department, that`s why we are able to supply not only control systems but also entire solutions for automation including mechanisms.


Development of HW, SW, Mechanical Design Department, Production, Mounting, Service, Technical Services

1 Quality control
2 Measurement and regulation
3 Machine vision systems
4 Single Purpose Machines
5 Lapping and polishing machines
6 Handling
7 Control of production lines
8 Winding and unwinding
9 Custom production for automation

RESIM - Nádražní 1062

511 01 Turnov, CZ

tel.: +420 481 319 450

fax.: +420 481 319 469




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