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Machine vision systems

Machine vision systems for industry

We offer solution of made-to-measure machine vision system


  • measurement of sizes in places unsuitable for classic sensors
  • checking the quality and completeness of the product
  • checking the presence of a product, tool, material,..
  • non-stop and quick checking the all products



Some examples of using the machine vision systems:


Detecting breakage of glass fiber by camera


During manufacturing glass fiber, machine vision system hands over information to the superior system about breakage or just warns if diameter of glass fiber harness is decreased (depending on conditions).


Monitoring of glass fiber before the cut machine


It is concerned of breakage diagnostics of up to 16 fibers which further go to the cut machine (machines). There can be diagnosed separate breakage of each fiber; signaling the breakage of each fiber is provided by digital outputs connected to the superior system of the machine.


If a breakage is found, an appropriate station will be stopped and alarm will be handed over to a control room, a beacon or so on. In this case, in order to diagnose a breakage, it is enough just one camera placed at the cut machine input. Benefit of this solution is removing mechanical sensors which are unreliable, and personnel had chance to block them mechanically.


Measurement of the roll diameter


This patented equipment serves for precise control of the distribution mechanism`s deflection, besides of that it is possible to better keep stability of fiber texture and total length of the fiber harness in the roll. In case of manufacturing several rolls on the same drum, it is possible to measure all rolls by one camera and evaluate them separately, further possibility is evaluation of fiber breakage when actual roll diameter enlarges unexpectedly slow.


Measurement of diameter of crystal growing


By means of the camera vision system, growing (i.e. diameter) of sapphire crystal is controlled. Growing is performed in an oven where environment temperature is above 2000 °C. Diameter of a sapphire tube is 4 mm and tube length is up to 1m. Processing time is approximately 8 hours. On the picture below, you can see measured part of the crystal.


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